Ball Season 2016 Hair and Makeup

At the beginning of May, ball/event season started, and its showing no signs of slowing down.

With young girls getting ready for their school ball, there was a few themes I saw over the last 8 weeks.

Firstly teenage girls tend to have super long hair (and extremely thick).  This was great, as a lot of girls were wanting to wear their hair up for their school ball.  Here are some pictures of some of the up dos I did this season.

There were still girls wanting their hair down, but often in winter, the weather doesn't help, so wearing it up off your face, helps.

With makeup trends, girls were happy to wear their makeup a bit heavier.  With going to night time events, we forget that the moment we are under artificial lighting, then we lose a fair bit of makeup.  So going a bit heavier is always a good option.  

Here is some of the makeup I did this season.

Not only was it school ball girls coming in to get their hair and makeup done, but ladies off to balls, events etc.

Overall its been a busy ball season for me, with signs of it not letting up till September.

Amber xx

Indian Wedding Hair and Makeup

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of being part of may different cultures weddings and celebrations.

Its always a wonderful thing to learn about the traditions that go on with these weddings.  Over this weekend, I was privileged to get an Indian Bride ready with her Hair and Makeup.

I had to attend to my bride, 3 times over the weekend, to help change her look over the weekend of celebrations.

On Saturday, it was what I would describe as her 'engagement party', she had a beautiful peach dress to wear, that was adorn with gold embellishments and lots of jewelry.  We had her hair up, kept her makeup on the lighter side and she wanted peachy lip color to match her dress.

On the Sunday morning, I went back to get her ready for your wedding ceremony at 1.30.  Traditionally girls aren't allowed to wear red until they are married, so her out fit was all red.  Which is one of my favorite colors.  We again kept her makeup on the lighter side, as she didn't want to wear too much makeup, but mum instructed me that she had to have red lipstick.

Beautiful  Indian Bride with Hair and Makeup  by Amber at Verdo Hair and Makeup

Beautiful Indian Bride with Hair and Makeup by Amber at Verdo Hair and Makeup

On the Sunday evening I went back one last time to help get my lovely bride ready for her after party.  As we had, had 2 events with her hair up, I suggested letting her beautiful hair down and curling it and wearing half up half down.

She had another outfit to wear, so we used a great copper eyeshadow and kept her lips more a dusty pink color.

It was a very busy, but lovely weekend, spent with a wonderful lady and her family.

My Review of Urban Decays Naked 3 Palette

I had been looking for this palette for (what seems like) forever.  We don't have a huge selection of Urban Decay in New Zealand, and what ever we get, it sells out before you even realise its in the country.

On my recent weekend away in Melbourne, Australia.  I came across a very well stocked Mecca Maxima store to which that had everything I was after in stock.  Included the much coverted Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette.

I instantly fell in love with this palette, mainly because is got a very strong rose gold theme to it.  Rose gold is one of my favourite colours, so falling in love with this palette is easy.

There is a good mix of matte along with frosty or shimmery colours in it.  Which allows you to do a series of different looks.

Urban Decays Naked 3 Palette

Urban Decays Naked 3 Palette

I find the colours to be very romantic, which is great when you beautify a lot of brides over wedding season.  Even the darker colours match perfectly with the other colours in the palette.

The double ended brush (blending and a flat brush) is aways great.  Its of great quality and feels lovely to use.

Overall I love this palette, its a great mix and will compliment most skin tones.  I even brought 2, one for my makeup kit and one for me at home.

Here is a closer look at the colours.

Overall, I love the Urban Decay Naked Palette No 3