What to look for in a Hair and Makeup artist for your wedding

Along side of choosing your photographer, venue and dress, just as important is who makes you look your best on your big day.  Here are a few tips with choosing your Hair and Makeup Artist that will make you look stunning.


  1. Do you research. There are loads of hair and makeup artists out there to choose from. Spend some time, look at portfolios, ask around. Make sure to check out there Facebook page as well (if they have one), I often post pictures of my work on my Facebook page (Verdo Hair and Makeup), rather than onto my website, as they have been taken with my mobile phone and not good quality enough for my website.

  2. Make sure the style you are going for matches whats in their portfolio. Or if you are wanting something very different, then ask the artist if they are able to do this style for you. If not, a good hair and makeup artist will refer you onto someone they know and trust.

  3. Communicate with your Hair and Makeup artist. Ask questions, even if you feel your asking too much. You have to feel comfortable with her or him. Even though during peak season most hair and makeup artists are very busy, we will have the time to answer your questions.

  4. Have a trial with your potential hair and makeup artist, this is so important, and well worth the money. This gives both you and the artist a strong idea of what you are wanting on the day. It will also show you what you can look like. This is a great way to see if you are going to work well together on the day. Your artist should carry out a consultation with you before he or she applies any makeup.

  5. But most of all a skilled Hair and Makeup artist should do the following:

  • Has the skills and professional products to keep your makeup looking fresh and flawless all day

    1. Understands how flash photography affects the appearance of makeup, therefore selects and supplies appropriate cosmetics

    2. Provides peace of mind and reassurance for those who lack confidence in their own appearance – they will put you at ease and assure you that you will look how you intend to

    3. Saves you time and money in researching and sourcing your own cosmetics

    4. Gives you professional one-to-one advice during your makeup trial, helping achieve the most from your beauty and skincare regime

    5. Is great for calming last minute nerves and will put any concerns at ease

    6. Provides an enjoyable pampering treatment so the bride can sit and relax

Indian Wedding Hair and Makeup

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of being part of may different cultures weddings and celebrations.

Its always a wonderful thing to learn about the traditions that go on with these weddings.  Over this weekend, I was privileged to get an Indian Bride ready with her Hair and Makeup.

I had to attend to my bride, 3 times over the weekend, to help change her look over the weekend of celebrations.

On Saturday, it was what I would describe as her 'engagement party', she had a beautiful peach dress to wear, that was adorn with gold embellishments and lots of jewelry.  We had her hair up, kept her makeup on the lighter side and she wanted peachy lip color to match her dress.

On the Sunday morning, I went back to get her ready for your wedding ceremony at 1.30.  Traditionally girls aren't allowed to wear red until they are married, so her out fit was all red.  Which is one of my favorite colors.  We again kept her makeup on the lighter side, as she didn't want to wear too much makeup, but mum instructed me that she had to have red lipstick.

Beautiful  Indian Bride with Hair and Makeup  by Amber at Verdo Hair and Makeup

Beautiful Indian Bride with Hair and Makeup by Amber at Verdo Hair and Makeup

On the Sunday evening I went back one last time to help get my lovely bride ready for her after party.  As we had, had 2 events with her hair up, I suggested letting her beautiful hair down and curling it and wearing half up half down.

She had another outfit to wear, so we used a great copper eyeshadow and kept her lips more a dusty pink color.

It was a very busy, but lovely weekend, spent with a wonderful lady and her family.

Wedding Season Hair and Makeup Trends 2016/2017

Being in the hair and makeup industry (or beauty industry) for some years now, I defiantly see trends come and go, and this is the same with brides hair and makeup.

I am finding in the 2016 and into the 2017 wedding season we are going to be seeing more hair up rather than hair down.  Brides and bridesmaids are finding in the hot weather we have been having, getting your hair up off your neck really is helping keeping you cool.  

Braids are still very much in season, however, I am finding now its pulled out braids and a little more rustic and messy looking.  Low or off to the side messy buns are still in fashion, with the emphasis on casual.  Nothing is pulled back off the face, its soft and beautiful.  

Veils are still on trend, with more brides deciding to use beautiful clips alongside a veil as well.  Also, bridesmaids are tending to have clips for their hair as well.  Sometimes the same clips as the brides.

As for makeup, I am finding more and more brides are wanting soft, natural looks.  Neutral tones, mixed with nude or soft rose pink lipsticks.  Glowing skin is a big must for all brides, along with beautiful rosy cheeks.  Contouring is soft and subtle, and works with the glowing skin.

Brows are strong this wedding season, well groomed fuller, darker brows are on trend this wedding season.  

Brides are still wearing faux lashes, but are choosing to have 3/4 strip lashes rather than full lashes.

Always remember though, work with your amazing features to make sure they glow on your big day.

Amber xx